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"Paul Hunnicutt is a dedicated, caring person that always ensures his patients get the best care possible!"

- Niesa P. -

Meet Paul Hunnicutt

I am a native of Texas and have been serving the mental health community in Texas since 2013. After serving 20 years in the US Army, I started my nursing career in Telemetry Services.


Later, after discovering my passion for mental health, I decided to further my education. I graduated from Walden University as an ANCC-Board Certified Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner. I started my career as a nurse practitioner in the outpatient setting with this private practice.

My compassion for mental health and the desire to help people led me to establish Texas Mental Health and Wellness Center PLLC in July 2022. I am proud to open the doors to the community in the Fall of 2022 as a Veteran Owned and Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner Owned office in Texas.

Practice Areas

Practice Areas

I meet with patients either via telemedicine or limited in-person appointments and provide consultation that focuses on psychotropic medication treatment and psycho-educational support. If I determine that the challenges you are facing would benefit more from psychotherapy or other treatment that I do not provide, I will offer information on how to get access to a clinician/or other treatment settings that can potentially be more helpful to you.


Diagnostic Services

Treatment begins with an initial diagnostic evaluation to review your present concerns and a history of your physical and mental health.


Based on the discussion, I will select an appropriate diagnostic process to develop your plan of care. Each step is taken in collaboration with you, considering your symptoms and past experiences.



After you’ve completed your initial visit and we have developed your plan of care, you will have several follow-up visits to discuss your progress.


These visits are an opportunity to understand how you are progressing. If necessary, we will discuss any medication adjustments to ensure that you are getting the optimal benefit from your medication treatment plan. 



For my patients, I offer convenient telemedicine services using our secure online videoconferencing portal.

Whether you prefer face-to-face appointments or telemedicine, your care plan will be centered on wellness and improving your quality of daily life.



I strive to offer the most impactful treatment plan. I offer very limited therapy as part of our follow-up services, which is focused on supportive and motivational therapy. I will encourage to engage with a therapist. I do not provide therapy as a stand-alone service at this time.


I can assist with coping mechanisms and cognitive tools to help manage irrational fears, obsessive worries, anxiety, and depression among many other symptoms that are causing you concern.


By offering collaboration with your therapist or assisting you in finding and establishing care with a therapist in the community, patients have continuity of care and better outcomes.

Genesight Testing

I know how frustrating it can be for patients when they are prescribed a psychiatric medication that’s supposed to help with the life-limiting effects of a mood disorder — only to have the medication cause more side effects or not help at all.

To combat this debilitating cycle in my practice, I offer Genesight testing, a genetic test that provides insights into patients’ genetic makeup to see how they metabolize medicine.


With Genesight testing as a tool to guide treatment, we can help patients find a better fit based on their DNA makeup.

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